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Partially based on VisualAp by Livio

Source: Source Code Repository

Delete the previous version, download Imageflow-binaries and extract somewhere on your hard drive. Start the jar to run the program.

To start ImageFlow from ImageJ you have to create an "ImageFlow"-folder into ImageJ's plugin directory and move the Imageflow_.jar here.. After restarting ImageJ you will find a menu-item in the Plugins-Menu to start the plugin.


This plugin offers a node-based graphical user interface for Macro-creation and image editing. It allows to create macros by connecting nodes to form a workflow, which represents the way macro-commands are called by ImageJ. These workflows can be saved and loaded.

A workflow consists of Sources, which load or create images. They will be connected to other units to define the order of processing. A workflow requires at least one node to be defined as a display. The result of this unit will be opened after running the workflow.

ImageFlow is also available as a stand-alone program that uses ImageJ as a library. To run it, download and extract the archive and double click on the ImageFlow_.jar.
Works on all platforms, Java 5.0 or later must be installed.

A number of unit-elements for building graphs are included, however the list is not very long yet. Documentation on how to create own units is included and can be used. I can incorporate more units in later releases.
Feedback of any kind is well appreciated.

History: 2011/06/12 (v1.3):
2010/11/30 (v1.2):
2009/08/26 (v1.1):
2009/05/19 (v1.0): First stable release
2009/02/27 (v0.9): Beta release
See Also: Idea and Issue Tracker

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